The good folks over at Phish headquarters sent us a sample from the new two-disc DVD set, Phish Walnut Creek, and I couldn’t be happier with what they’re offering up as a snippet. In the description that came along with the news of the release, we’re given a little glimpse into some first set madness that is hopefully captured on the DVD:

Highlights include “Down With Disease” that slowly segues into “Mike’s Song” – the first and only time these two classic tunes were ever paired together in such a way-as well as “Taste,” complete with near Biblical thunder and lightning display.

Given that the band is highlighting those two segments, you know they’re worth spending some time with. A new blog on the scene, Orange Sunshine, is hosting up the “DWD > Mike’s” segment (all the way through “Weekapaug”) and we’ve got the release version of “Taste” featured below. You can actually hear the lightning and crowd roar, which was most likely a fear-induced scream of elation.

I can’t wait for the release; I’d give my left nut to listen to Left Nuts once and for all.

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