Happy weekend, folks. I’ve been sitting on a couple great download links for a while without sharing, so it’s only fitting that I roundup a couple for your leisurely weekend downloading pleasure.

  • STS9 @ METAMO.07.01, METAMO.07.02 – These two podcasts from STS9 are the uncut sets they performed on their last trek over to Japan. From start to finish, these are an amazing representation of the band’s sound these days, one that is constantly pushing the boundaries of live, electronic music to more than just the Untz. [via STS9’s Podcasts]
  • Fleet Foxes @ The Hi-Dive, Denver 4/14/08 – If the only criticism I’ve ever read about these guys is that they sound too much like Band of Horses and/or Jim James and My Morning Jacket, well I really have no problem with that at all. [via Ohmpark]
  • 2008 Coachella Live Music Downloads & Streams – As always, Largehearted Boy does a fantastic roundup of all the cool stuff you can download from Coachella. I’d nab the Holy Fuck and Animal Collective sets right away. [via Largehearted Boy]
  • Animal Collective @ Coachella 2008 – This is a four-song powerhouse from AC, including a solid cover of “Comfy in Nautica,” one of the tracks from the Panda Bear debut, Person Pitch. Even though this stuff is pushing on a year old by now, it still feels new and fresh to me. It’s an approach to music that I hadn’t otherwise considered but it has elements that feel familiar. The whole concept of flowing your songs into one giant concert sound is something you see the jambands do quite regularly, and the indie bands I relate to seem to get this concept as a tenet of performing live. [via Deaf Indie Elephants]
  • Holy Fuck @ SXSW 2008, Brooklynvegan party – Sadly, I wasn’t really able to pay as much attention during this set as I would have hoped for. Once I went back and gave this set a listen, I’m absolutely blown away by the sound these guys put out. During a headlining slot at the day party, they got the most room to stretch out and really show the crowd what they’re sound is all about. Download now. [via Lullabyes.net]

On that last one mentioned above, I think my favorite track from the whole show was the third one in.

Give it a sample above or watch this clip from the show. The angle on the video is killer; you can only see a silhouette of the band based on the angle of the sun. And at about 2:00 minutes in, try and stop yourself from pumping your first and rockin’ along with the tunes. So good.

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