Logo-OwnYourPhone_orange.gifA while back I got an email on a cool web service that allows you to create custom ringtones for your cell phone from any digital music track you have lying around on your computer (must be .mp3,.mp4,.m4a,.aac,.wma,.aiff,.ogg, or .wav). It’s called OwnYourPhone.com. I thought I’d give it a shot.

Considering you can already get Phish ringtones straight from the source…

Live Phish Ringtones are now available for purchase through all major mobile service providers. Tones are available from the extensive online Live Phish catalog, culled from classics like Colorado ’88, The White Tape, 12/29/97, 11/14/95 and 12/01/95.

…you might want to create something a little more friendly to your neighbors that might hear your phone ring more than once. I’m sure the opening notes to “Fluffhead” could get a little old after a while. This is the song I used, courtesy of the !!! openers from Wednesday night, Holy F**K…

Make Ringtone

You get one ringtone for free just for signing up for an account, and you can use promo code “livemusicblog” to get another one. Feel free to drop your shared ringtones in the comments and have some fun with it. I think I’ll use my second one for “Big Bottom” and I’ll alternate between the two.

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