paradiso.jpgHappy Phish Friday, dudes.

I’m using today’s Jam in the ‘Dam announcement to return to a widely traded show towards the beginning of 1997 (the year of the funk) — February 17, 1997. Phish was in Europe beginning a full cross-continental tour, and they played one mean show at the Paradiso in Amsterdam before treking out elsewhere. I’m sure there’s better selections from this show based on epicness or other factors, but I chose a couple low-hangers for today that just seemed to make sense.

One Phish covering Bob Marley…

Two Phish playing a flubbed version of a song they should all be able to recite in their sleep…

And the Red and Blue Phish we all really came to know and love — a fantastically spaced version of Timber (Jerry)…


The beginning of the tour featured a show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London, which I remember solely as one of my earliest tape trades. Yep, TAPES. I know it was the first recorded version of “Punch You in the Eye” that I had ever heard, and I remember thinking, “seriously — why did I not fall in love with this band before? Any band that works in a ‘hey!’ shout during a tune deserves some serious cred.” Cred — or maybe a post series dedicated fully to their fantastic legacy?

Have a fantastic weekend and keep your phishing filters on and your Phish Friday pumpin’!