theshins.jpgStereogum has a video up of The Shins covering Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon classic, “Breathe.” Here’s the link to the straight YouTube clip.

I felt that this deserved it’s own post simply for the fact that I went to see The Shins the last time they rolled through Chicago. It was my first time ever seeing this band live, if you don’t count the ridiculous sound-debacle that was their Lollapalooza 2006 set — the crowd chanting “turn it up!” can really take away from the overall performance — so I clearly had high expectations seeing them in a smaller club (again, relatively).

We ended up leaving the show early as the set really went down in quality and my patience with the oversold crowd began to wear thin. The opening segment was the first four tracks from Wincing the Night Away and I thought, “oh man, this show is going to rip…” but it just fell flat from there.

Maybe, just maybe — they needed to keep me in my seat with a Pink Floyd cover. Or maybe not; read into the comments over at ‘Gum…

I was at the gig. Actually, I’m the author of the clip…I apologize for the bad sync, I thought it was my crappy laptop but if it plays the same way for everybody then it’s my crappy brand new camera instead. By the way, they were pretty boring, and that cover was the highlight of the show.

I’m guess I’m not alone with my thoughts after all. Cool cover, though…

Feel free to sample it yourself:

The Shins – Breathe (Pink Floyd cover) [YouTube]

Photo © rustmonster