We’re getting close to the end of the work week here and I’m finding myself all sorts of swamped at work, so I just thought I’d pick an easy set of MP3’s for today’s Phish Friday.

Remember when Phish went on hiatus?

Remember when they came back and announced that they were playing Madison Square Garden for New Year’s Eve 2002? I sure do. I remember thinking, man…

“Oh man, I HAVE to be there for THAT.”

Of course I didn’t end up going, but I did download the audience copies the second they were posted and I attentively listened to the “Return of Phish” as if my life depended on it. I was critical. Expectations were high. And I remember being left unimpressed. Bummer.

I do remember this segment as my favorite…

Unimpressed, except for the return of “Mound” of course. That was easily my favorite song off Rift for a very, very long time and the intro to that song still gives me chills.

Or wait, except for the the hilarious tie-in to Castaway and Tom Hanks, too.

Maybe it was a little impressive…