Man, I’m actually doing a pretty shitty job of getting out these Phish Friday’s in a timely fashion. I might have to re-think the name of the category or something…

At any rate, I’m working out some plans to ensure that your friendly Editor gets the break he needs while also maintaining a consistent posting schedule. That’d be the shit going into the new year…

For this week’s selection of music from one of my favorite bands of all time — Phish — I’m dipping into the archive from a show I saw and heard with my own two eyes and ears, (respectively). It’s hard to feel so great about the band given last week’s news. Sure, is that me being slighly melodramatic? Yes. But I have to remember the good times, also. Night one of a two-night Alpine Valley run. “Julius” to open the show. “Buffalo Bill” out of nowhere. A wild “YEM > 2001” to end the second set. An all-out laugh riot! (but not really).

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