It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything on the subject so I thought I’d just drop a quick post as a reminder…

themusicnetwork.jpgI’m currently heading up The Music Network — a collection (or network) of music bloggers/publishers that run their RSS feeds through FeedBurner for stats, tools, and advertising dollars.

Most bloggers and/or web publishers are now using RSS feeds as a great way to gain loyal subscribers to their content — much in the way that people would sign up for site newsletters in the past — but there are still a lot of music-related publishers still aren’t really using their RSS feed to its full potential.

The Music Network not only allows us publishers to band together to help cross-promote each other, but it allows us to insert some advertising into our RSS feeds to make a little money back to help pay for content production. I mean, hey — these podcasts don’t produce themselves, people!

If you’re interested in joining up, drop me a line about why you’d be a seriously killer addition to the network. Then go sign up for FeedBurner’s suite of free services for your RSS feed. We’ve got JamBase, Muzzle of Bees, INDIEBLOGHEAVEN,, aquarium drunkard, Byron Crawford, and many more signed on already and I’m hoping to add some strong publishers to that ever-growing list…