Happy Hump Day, folks!

In celebration of this momentous occasion, I’m giving away three copies of the new Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood album, Out Louder. I probably should have gotten this posted a little while back when it was still in preorder, but the disc is available for order through the Medeski, Martin & Wood online store now and that’s really all that matters…

msmw-outlouder.jpg“MEDESKI SCOFIELD MARTIN & WOOD OUT LOUDER It’s a match made not above nor below, but rather in some altogether hipper place: John Medeski + Billy Martin + Chris Wood + guitar guru John Scofield. On their new release OUT LOUDER, they make music not of this world, yet rooted in the earth tones of jazz, funk, and blues. Music from the heart, for the mind, and made to shake the earth, not to mention the body.

Yes, this music does come from a deep, hip, strange place, and Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood are ready to take it out there and everywhere.”

I’ll pick three folks at random from the comments. How sick is this album? How sick will the tour be? Discuss amongst yourselves…

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