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Tortoise is a band that’s been around forever and they’re still killing it! I had listened to them just a little bit back in my high school/college days but I got back into them recently once picking up their seminal TNT album.

As such, I thought I’d share some of their sound with you, the readers. If you’re not enjoying this band already, it’s a shame and not something I can sit idly by and just watch happen. Download these mp3’s from their 2005 Intonation/Pitchfork Music Festival appearance and totally enjoy, brohem

Live @ 2005 Intonation Music Festival

  1. Seneca [mp3]
  2. It’s All Around You [mp3]
  3. Crest [mp3]
  4. Unknown* [mp3]
  5. Dot/Eyes [mp3]
  6. I Set My Face to the Hillside [mp3]
  7. Monica [mp3]
  8. In Sarah, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven There Were Women and Men [mp3]
  9. Ten-Day Interval >>> Swung From the Gutters [mp3]
  10. Salt the Skies [mp3]
  11. Omnichord [mp3]

Make sure you support Tortoise by purchasing their music from iTunes and by seeing them on tour

Read on for their fall itinerary…

Tortoise | 2006 Fall Tour Dates

  • SEP 5, 2006 // SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL / SESC Santana
  • SEP 6, 2006 // SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL / SESC Santana
  • SEP 14, 2006 // SAN FRANCISCO, CA / Great American Music Hall
  • SEP 15, 2006 // HOLLYWOOD, CA / Troubadour
  • SEP 17, 2006 // NEW YORK, NY / Bowery Ballroom
  • SEP 29, 2006 // CHICAGO, IL / Empty Bottle (Early/Late Show)
  • NOV 17, 2006 // BERN, SWITZERLAND / Taktios Festival
  • FEB 16, 2007 // PARIS, FRANCE / Maison des Arts de Creteil

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