Photo © Lindsay B.

It’s around 11:30am on Friday and Lollapalooza 2006 has just gotten underway! I was originally planning on getting down there first thing to catch every single minute of the festivities — until I realized that I’d be crazy to do so. This is a marathon people, not a sprint!

I’ve got a plan of attack on each day that I think will leave me nice and refreshed enough to follow the next day’s plan accordingly.

Friday, August 4

11:45am // Sound Team — Regrettably, I’m skipping this…way too early in the day and no need to run too fast right out of the gate…

I’ll be heading down a little later in the afternoon with enough time to scope out the grounds and grab a good spot to catch Editors.

3:30pm // Editors — I really don’t know too much about these guys but I’ve really been enjoying their album, The Back Room. I’m sure it’ll be a decent set and I’ll try to grab some photos.

4:30pm // Umphrey’s McGee — Really a no brainer for me; I’m sure everyone that reads this blog would know that already. The big stage at Lollapalooza — unbelievable! I’m really excited to see what the band pulls out…

5:30pm // the Secret Machines — Another no brainer to me, especially when considering their up against Iron & Wine. I really think they’re sound is going to carry quite a bit and I’m excited to see how such a large audience will react to it.

6:30pm // My Morning Jacket — I really didn’t have the best time seeing them down at the Taste of Chicag on July 4. We didn’t have a good spot and it just wasn’t too impressive from where we were. I plan on letting this performance wash that half-assed memory away…

7:30pm // Sleater-Kinney — Their last performance in Chicago ever and it’ll be the first time that I ever see them; I’m quite bummed it took me this long to finally get around to listening to their music and now it’s too late to really catch them in all of their glory. The main stage at Lollapalooza will be enough of a “at least I got to see them once…” and hopefully a whole lot more than that once I take it all in. They’re smart, though, and they’re clearly leaving the scene gracefully…(insert golf clap here)

After this, I’ll be mixing my time between Death Cab for Cutie and Ween — both of which I’m not really too familiar with nor do I have the insanely strong desire to see live (although I certainly don’t know that yet about Ween). Certainly a lot more to come from tomorrow…

I might — although I doubt I’ll be able to make it — be hitting the Lake Trout aftershow at the Abbey Pub. I love that little venue and I’ve never seen Lake Trout. Who’s with ME?!?!?

I’ll try and get some photos up first thing so check back for that. If you’re not going, make sure you tune into the AT&T Blueroom webcast (starting shortly)…