So yesterday, I’m sitting at my desk at work minding my own when I had a fellow coworker stopped by on their way back from the fridge.

It was Joe Kottke, our Director of IT Operations here at FeedBurner (photo here), and he stopped by to talk shop and just say “what’s up.” Him and I haven’t gotten too many chances to chat as we don’t directly work together on projects, and the discussion immediately turned to one of the craziest “small-world” sort of moments that I’ve had in a long time…

Joe – “So, I hear you’re a jambands fan…”
Justin – “Yeah, I try not to be, though…” (for more background on this, start here)
Joe – “Were you a big Phish fan?”
Justin – “Yeah, definitely. I ended up seeing ten shows during my tenure.”
Joe – “That’s cool, my wife is a huge Phish fan. My dad actually did some recording with the bassist a while ago.”

Wait a second? Hold the friggin’ phone…I’m sitting twenty feet away from Leo Kottke’s son?

Justin (reaching for my iPod) – “Uhm, your dad is Leo Kottke? You’re f***ing kidding me?”
Joe – “Nope.”
Justin – “Well, I’m a fan.”

Seriously, what are the chances that my dream job just happens to have Leo Kottke’s son on IT Operations, one of the most important positions at FeedBurner (considering the nature of the business).

Totally Epic. Totally Confirmed.

And in honor of this event, I’m featuring some Leo Kottke/Mike Gordon tracks today as part of my Leo Kottke Rules and I Work with His Son Day (otherwise known as Cinco de Mayo).

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