In an interview on an Atlanta radio station today, Trey (likely in Atlanta for studio work with a producer he’s teamed up with before) confirmed rumors that he, Mike, and the Benevento/Russo duo will tour together this summer. Though tickets and billing will likely portray some hierarchy among the bill’s acts, rumors (based on previous things Mike and Trey have said) describe the tour as some sort of interactive meld, with each of the 3 doing their own stuff, as well as some interaction among them.

Well, that’s all well and good considering that the Duo already confirmed this recently. But here’s the lamest kicker I think I’ve read all year…

Trey also mentioned that he “hopes to get Phish back together in a few years”, dispelling rumors of an October 2006 reunion but confirming common suspicions that this “breakup” is really a second hiatus.

I’m working on my “open letter to Trey Anastasio” post right now. Here’s a snippet…

“Dear Trey,
Why–oh, why!–do you continue to verbal diarrhea? Phish getting back together? Didn’t drugs like bring negativity around? Why are you calling it Phish? Aren’t you going to be a nostalgia act if you continue doing these stupid teasers? I’d rather you teased “Meatstick” acoustic in an interview than tell the world that you want to get Phish back together. Oh, and didn’t you learn anything from Billy Corgan’s crazy-ass announcement before he had all of his ducks in-a-row?”

I think it’s a good start.

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