I’ve had an idea floating around in my head lately for a new series on the Live Music Blog, and I’m thinking that it might be one of my best ideas yet.

Truth is, it really wasn’t my idea first but it’s just lovely and poachable at the same time. Hence, the credit…there’s no way I can call this my own.

Ever since I read Damian Kulash’s (OK Go) guest-blogs over at Coolfer last year, I’ve been excited for the possibility of having a musician sound-off right here on the Live Music Blog regarding life on the road, life as a musician (read: starving artist), life as an up-and-coming band, the future of music, the digital download revolution, etc. etc.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve got my first submission for the series (invite-only at this time) from none other than Ed Anderson himself, the very friendly, down-to-earth frontman behind Backyard Tire Fire. The first post you’ll see is an intro only, but it’s something that still needed it’s own call-out introduction here. Expect more of these in the future, and if you’re someone representing a band that I like and you think the band might be interested in doing something like this, drop me a note and I’ll see what I can do.

That being said, hope you enjoy the new series and I’d love any feedback that you have. I’m trying to give the artists a lot of creative freedom on how these posts turn out, and to me, it’s going to be very exciting to see what these musicians have to say in response to all that garbage good stuff that I turn out on a day-to-day blogger’s cycle.

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