So, I’ve got these friends that are in a band called A R K S. They usually play in Chicago, and they’re just getting out on the road for their first (well, first major) tour. The bassist, Mat Biscan, is keeping a good travelogue/blog of their trip and it’s worth keeping up with…

From the get-go…

Distance: Chicago to Columbus
Time: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

We spent half the time on the road installing a brand new radio that could actually take a 1/8″ jack so we could listen to our iPods. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that iTrip is just…worthless. All the music sounds like it’s coming from a radio while you’re driving under a bridge. BLAH.

So, a short list for the first day with a six hour trip.

1. Sonic Youth – Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star
2. Animal Collective – Feels
3. Art Brut – Bang Bang Rock & Roll
4. Buzzcocks – Singles Going Steady
5. Wire – Chairs Missing
6. Beck – Mutations
7. Modest Mouse – Building Something Out of Nothing
8. Wolf Parade – Apologies to the Queen Mary

I’m hoping on having Mat start bloggin’ here on Live Music Blog as part of my dejambandification process. Well, there’s plenty more to it than that actually. Add to that his incredible taste in music and the fact that he’s a member of a pretty cool band, and it becomes clear that he should become a regular around here.

As for A R K S (Arks if you want the MySpace classification), start getting comfortable with their music, their personality, and their tour dates if you’re out East. Just take my word for it…

And we’ll keep checking in with them as the road continues to greet them…

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