This letter comes to us from a very unfortunate live music fan living in Alaska who really doesn’t feel that he’s getting to see enough live music up there…

“Could you give a shout out to Alaska? I mean, this is the state that promotes home town roots and eazy-breezy livin’, plus the love of live, in-your-face jammin. Anchorage needs bands to come… I’ve sent emails to Tea Leaf Green, and hoping that your website could also give a shout out to other jam bands. We all live simple lives, enjoy home town slow roasted brews, and have a deep respect for the thing that keeps us going, music.

Please, come to Anchorage and support those who support you.

I definitely felt compelled to get this up and posted, and more bands should try and make it up there.”

Can we get some actual band or road manager input on this one? Is there any reality to the situation that a smaller band might be able to justify a trip based on the promoter? What if they were guaranteed a three-night, decent lucrative run in order to get up on our own yukon state.

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