For all your starving artists out there…

The Bonnaroo Music Festival is looking for submissions to create a Bonnaroo logo or design. Take a little time to show us what you’ve got, and we may use your artwork for some Bonnaroo merchandise. There are no guidelines for the actual artwork, except that it have some tie to The Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Please submit your designs (maximum 1 megabyte) or questions about the contest to [email protected] or send to the address below. Final artwork is not needed; just an optimized picture is fine (72 dpi JPEG or GIF preferred).

The winners will receive a pair of tickets to Bonnaroo 2006!

That’s winners plural, so don’t be hesitant. You have a chance to win. And hell, if you win, you might even run into Ray Liotta or Robert Deniro at Bonnaroo 2006. You just never know…