Ever since I read about the Steve Kimock Band show where Steve loudly exclaimed profanities towards the crowd for any reason that doesn’t matter in the overall context of the discussion, I’ve been wary of artists that tend to think they’re above the crowd or something.

The one and only time I saw John Scofield was at the Canopy Club on the U of I campus–I think it might have been 2001. The entire time he was playing, and I’m not joking, he was constantly adjusting every single sound level that one sound man can possibly adjust during the course of a show. Pointing up, pointing at his guitarist and pointing down, pointing at himself and pointing up, again down with the bassist–it was ridiculous to say the least.

Katie downright hated it and it forever soiled her opinion of John Scofield, and I definitely don’t blame her. I’m just glad those were free tickets, that’s for sure…

It looks like Dodge has a similar story to tell regarding Dios (Malos)…

Things got interesting when the evening was marrred by some rather unprofessional behavior from Dios lead, Joel Morales. Dios wasn’t happy with the amount of vocals in their monitors, so they kept asking for more. All venues are different and the sound man informed Dios that they just couldn’t put any more in…they were maxed out. Dios kept pushing the limit and on the closing number, there was a ton of feedback. The members of Dios got pissed, started yelling at the sound man, calling him a “retard” and telling him he had no idea what he was doing. The crowd started chanting “fight, fight fight!” and turned on the sound man too. It was really uneccessary and could have been saved for off stage. I just felt really bad for the sound guy.

He warned them, Dios didn’t get in for sound check, and these things are part of the risk of skipping that.

So the band skips soundcheck and has the gall to call the guy an idiot for not being able to mix vocals in the monitor correctly?

Yeah, I officially don’t like that band. Sorry guys, I don’t care how great your music is. Remember the reason why you’re doing this and please don’t embarass yourself again.

Post your similar stories in the comments–I’m sure you have one or two that’s worth hearing…

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