One of the benefits of publishing a music blog is that you’re forced to be aware of what’s going on in the world, musically speaking of course. I love it.

This weekend (and the next month really), I’ll be seeing plenty of live music to satisfy my craving. Way too many bands to list are making stops in Chicago over the next month and well into March, and it’s enough to keep me very happy while the weather here is not.

Tonight, moe. and the Disco Biscuits are hitting the Aragon Ballroom right here in Chicago, and it’s sure to be a scorcher. Tomorrow night (Saturday), Tea Leaf Green and the Lymbyc Systym are going to be at The Abbey Pub. I’m going to see all four bands, and I’m psyched about all of them–it should really be a great weekend for me.

In honor of my music plans this weekend, let’s get pumped up and crank up some tunes…

The Lymbyc Systym has made the fatal flaw of not allowing any of their music to be downloaded, and yet, there are plenty of tracks to stream at their website and their MySpace page. I’ll have to tell them to change that…immediately…

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