Thanks to one very curious reader that reminded me that I used to have a weekly podcast that I maintained…how silly of me to forget…

Well, I didn’t necessarily forget as much as I just sort of decided that I want to take a week or so break from the podcasts.

Truth is, I wasn’t sure if anyone was listening, and I guess I’m still not 100% sure that they’re breaking the surface and providing a meaningful, worthy, Live Music Blog music experience that I’ve strived to provide from the beginning.

Therefore, please use the comments here to tell me what you want. If you could produce the Live Music Blog podcasts, here’s your chance. Tell me what you like about them, what you hate about them, live music or studio?, mix of studio and live?, etc. etc.

I have a couple ideas and you should see a “change” in the format of the next podcast based on the feedback I’ve received. Any thoughts would be appreciated…

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