On this lovely day in snow-covered Chicago, I’m not working. Can I get a hell yes? That means I’ll be around all day live bloggin’ my way through any ol’ normal Friday, and then I’m hitting up the Bulls vs. Lakers game tonight. Can I get another hell yes?

In non-music content, it appears that Chicago is on the list of cities that doesn’t like cigarette smoke and they’re doing something to stop it. They’ve banned it. Whether you’re a smoker or not, what do you think? Do you agree with this? I’ve got to wonder what it’s going to mean for the local music scene…

Podcasting (or podcast) is the Word of the Year. Last year was blog, in case you forgot. Oh, and don’t forget to download my Jamcasts.

You can now download Night Rider from the iTunes video store. Yay, I guess?

Glide Magazine lists their 20 Favorite Albums from 2005. My favorite part of the list is the disappointment section, including Trey’s Shine and Coldplay’s X&Y. I’d agree with the “bangin’ Gwyneth Paltrow” line, too.

Scott Stapp reportedly did not start the 311/Stapp brawl, but both sides are still sticking to their own guns. Personally, I believe 311. [liveDaily]

Listen to some live Arcade Fire
. Or, download the mp3s. You can do either one. It’s okay.