I just caught this first thing this morning and I wanted to get this article a little more attention…

Jesse Jarnow, one of my favorite writer, has published an letter to the tapers in the community and it’s got an interesting twist at the end. As far as all tapers, traders, downloaders, etc. know, if it is encoded in FLAC or SHN, you NEVER decode the file to the MP3 format. This seriously downgrades the quality of the recording (which is usually noticable when it comes to live music), and thus it was consider a practice that must be avoided.

The point at the end is this…

There is a world of difference between instantly firing up an mp3 and waiting for a gigabyte chunk to download before converting it to a playable format. Blame it on slothfulness to wanna save time and harddrive space, but I’d bet many more people would download files (which would, in turn, would be circulated more widely) if they were available as mp3s.

Ultimately, this will increase the probability that the very shows we all trade and download already will live on in cyberspace indefinitely. I agree. Great point, Jesse.

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