Andy Gadiel, of the fame that Ace Cowboy has so accurately described as…

…a fucking legend in the online music community, a man waaay ahead of his time who created the website that literally changed the game for music fans on the Internets., Jambase, the online message boards, much of this blog or the LMB, they might not exist — or exist in the current form — without this dude. So here’s to that.

…is blogging his Bonnaroo experience. Check out the blog here.

Some of my favorite excerpts after the jump.

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Galactic with Bo Bice?!?!

It’s a disneyland carnival of sites and sounds, fun for the whole family and friendly faces everywhere you turn. The weather is holding tight, although rain is threatening and there was a bit of a shower earlier but now it’s quieted down to a lite mist. Hofefully it will keep through the nite…excitement awaits as we venture on…

Happy Bonnaroo!

His blog is covered with photos already, so keep checking it throughout the weekend. Also, for all you lucky souls that have XM Radio, I’m sure you’re rocking out to the live broadcasts that they’re pumping from satelites. That’s marvelous.

I hope the weather holds out for the festival-goers. It’s just weather that I can’t handle anymore. My fragile, Irish skin has been burnt too many times, and it’s high time I stick to weather that my skin enjoys, namely the weather inside my apartment.