Today’s podcast features some music that I enjoy. I guess it could be called math rock (Del Rey), groove rock (5ive Style), post rock (Euphone, Mt. St. Helens), but it certainly is not jamband music. That being said, this music rocks and if you enjoy good instrumentation, you shall be facinated, yet completely blown away by Jamcast #002.


Jamcast #002 (40.3 MB)
Hosted by: Justin, Editor
192kbps (right-click link to download)
00:00 : Introduction
00:28 : Del Rey – Dual Sun System
07:20 : Del Rey – Dust Huntress
Both from the album Darkness and Distance

13:19 : 5ive Style – Hit the Decks
From the album Miniature Portraits

15:55 : 5ive Style – Hard Afro Rubalon
From the album 5ive Style

20:35 : Euphone – Gyrations
23:08 : Euphone – Press On
From the album Hashin’ It Out

26:05 : Mt. St. Helens – Sleep Out
From the album You Are a Ghostly Presence

Total run time: 29:22

Hope you enjoy. Please give me some feedback…(I think I already know that the vocal levels suck).

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