dave matthews band chooses worcester show for first live series release | glide magazine

Dave Matthews Band has selected its Dec. 8, 1998 performance at the Centrum in Worcester, MA, as the first installment of its new live series.

i’ve only gone to see dave matthews band three times. the first time sucked, mostly in part to the idea that it was at the new world music center (now the tweeter center) in chicago. man does that place suck. that’s not the first time i’ve said that either.

i’ll tell you what i don’t like about this. fans can preorder the set, but they have no idea when it would be released. to me, that’s ridiculous. at least give us an idea. well, one would think that if they’re actually selling it that they’re in the process of putting it out there for the world. let’s hope so. dave matthews band did dump feces on some poor, unsuspecting tourists in chicago.

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