phish manager, john paluska has issued a statement regarding the phish coventry festival and the problems associated with that bittersweet weekend in all of our lives. i guess i’m unsure of how i feel about all of this. on the one hand, i’m left with a horrible taste in my mouth regarding the entire situation. on the completely opposite hand, phish, great northeast productions, and the vermont state police did everything that they could do at that moment.

statement from phish’s manager, john paluska on coventry

point of the story: they will be issuing refunds, issuing a limited edition book, and free downloads from i’m jealous.

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the only problem is, the final phish concert will always be somewhat tainted. although it was emotional and i’m sure that it was an amazing event to be a part of, how could it really end like this? i’ll tell you once thing, i’d love to get a part of that special book that phish and danny clinch are creating. say what you will; these books will be a huge prize when found on ebay (yes, some will end up there).