coventry bloggers

here is an account of the weekend from a phan that truly felt what phish has provided to the music world and the entire jamband community. i really can’t wait to see what happens next.

david taus : this has all been wonderful

this “fan” apparently worked at coventry over the weekend. that would suck to have to work and not be able to enjoy the concert.

raminta : phucking phantastic

i feel for this guy. i’ve definitely felt as though i missed out on one major movement in american music history by never seeing the grateful dead live. this guy missed out on two.

brian storm : phish done

an account from one of the premier members of the phish community, zzyzx, the creator of the very fun phish stats (or phishtistics).

coventry tales – one last incredibly stupid thing to see music : zzyzx

eight types of mud : matt law

itwillfail damnimation : phinal tour

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