Tim Alexander (Primus) suffers a heart attack, UPDATE: undergoes successful surgery!

Let's all wish him a speedy recovery...

Sad news to report from the desk of Puscifer and ultimately Primus: drummer Tim Alexander has suffered a heart attack and will need open heart surgery in the next few days. The news was posted yesterday on the Puscifer social networks.

Calling All Cars! Rough news. @timalexander suffered a heart attack. Open Heart Surgery on Mon/Tues. Global Positive Thoughts, Por favor. @Puscifer We need our Herb the Ginseng Drummer aka Peter Merkin alive and thieving.

We’re big fans of Tim “Herb” Alexander as a musician and we’re wishing him the best of luck in surgery and the speediest of all recoveries while he’s on the mend. Primus has a series of dates booked in September so it’s likely those will either get rescheduled or they’ll call up Jay Lane to finish off the commitments while Alexander is healing up.

UPDATE (7/21): Primus has posted an official update that says good news!

The Mighty Tim “Herb” Alexander has pulled through surgery, the blockage from his heart has been removed with no complications and all signs point to a glorious and speedy recovery.

  • jay-t

    Tim Alexander is a beast, he’ll make it.

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