NEW ISH: Porter Robinson – “Lionhearted” featuring Urban Cone

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One thing we know about ’s new sound is that it is larger than life—a trend that he perpetuates with his newest release “Lionhearted”. This feel-good track will definitely be considered somewhat of a “pick-me-up” after the first two tracks we’ve heard off of ’s much-anticipated debut album Worlds. For the record: personally, I loved the deeply-layered, cinematic tracks but they were a bit too “out-there” for some of his fans.

provides upbeat, “alt-electronic” vocals that echo the singability and charisma of pop-darlings Passion Pit while retaining an edge that can keep up with Porter’s rhythmic low-end magic. Much more driving than “Sea of Voices” and “Sad Machine”, this track is punctuated with soaring, melodic drops that remind us the high-grade firepower that Robinson continues to pack. He hasn’t lost his punch—he’s just re-packaged and re-vamped his sound to a point where a simplistic bass drop is no longer the most interesting element.