FESTIVAL GIVEAWAY: Voodoo Experience & The Revivalists ‘City of Sound’ Contest

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WHAT: LMB’s Voodoo Experience & The Revivalists City of Sound Contest
WHEN: November 1st – 3rd, 2013
WHERE: City Park, New Orleans, LA
WHAT YOU CAN WIN: One lucky winner will receive a pair of weekend festival passes, a chance to meet-and-greet with The Revivalists and stage passes for their set at 6:00 pm Sunday evening on the Carnival Stage!



Leave a comment with the following:

(1) Your favorite song by The Revivalists.
(2) Your favorite CITY
(3) Your favorite (Non-Musical) SOUND

** NOTE: You MUST leave your email address to have a chance to win. A winner will be selected at random and notified no later than 5:00 pm CST on Friday, October 18th, 2013.


  • Charlie Burns

    1) Up in the Air
    3)crunchy leaves


  • RME

    1) All in the Family (shown above)
    2) NOLA
    3) Propane flaring from crawfish pots.


  • LiveMusically

    (1) Sunny Days
    (2) Your favorite CITY: Nola!
    (3) Your favorite (Non-Musical) SOUND: Good lovins (you know what I’m sayin…)

  • Taylor Nicole

    1) Catching Fireflies
    2) NOLA {home <3}
    3)The sound the fox makes


  • Sarah Davis

    1.) Up in the Air
    2.) Charleston, SC
    3.) Crackling of a campfire

    Email: Sdavis94@utk.edu

  • Sam McCabe

    1) Criminal
    2) St. Louis – home of the great chuck berry (and me, too)
    3) The crispness of a nice high-five

    email: g.samuel.mccabe@gmail.com

  • Emily

    1. Picking one song would be like asking me which half of the baby do I want-I do really enjoy Catching Fireflies though
    2. The south Mississippi-New Orleans area. Both places I call home.
    3. The sound of laughter about half a second before you snort.


  • Tayler Trash

    1) Criminal
    2) New Orleans
    3) farts

  • Michele Pirrung

    Catching Fireflies
    New Orleans
    Waves Breaking on the beach


  • jenni finch

    1) Criminal
    2) New Orleans
    3) Purring


  • William Evans

    1) Soulfight
    2) New Orelans of course!!
    3) The sound of rain!!!

  • Brittany Abbasi

    catching fireflies
    my daughter saying “I love you”

  • SLC1969

    1) All In The Family
    2) New Orleans
    3) The pilot coming on over the plane’s intercom and saying “Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to New Orleans.”

  • Anna Richards

    1) Concrete
    2) London
    3) The sound a stapler makes


  • Sean Scott

    1. Catching Fireflies (especially live because the pedal steel solo is always so good)
    2. St. Louis (where I have seen The Revivalist countless times)
    3. The cheers of the crowd as a band is walking on stage because you know all your problems are about to go away!


  • Bob Payne

    1) navigate Below
    2) ..New Orleans
    3) Subway doors closing in NYC


  • Kelly

    1. Shot of Tears
    2. NOLa has my heart
    3. pre-game Who Dat chants in the Dome


  • David Weygandt

    Two Ton Wrecking Ball
    San Diego
    the Sound of a Harley Davidson

  • Kayleigh Foster

    1. Two Ton Wrecking Ball… Since you’re forcing me to choose.
    2. Baton Rouge, LA
    3. The sound of an entire venue of people singing back to the band/artist on stage.


  • Monica

    1. Catching Fireflies
    2. Asheville, NC
    3. Typing on a mechanical typewriter