WATCH: MGMT’s Bizarre New Video for “Your Life Is A Lie”

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mgmtConsidering this video just barely exceeds the two-minute mark, this brief clip from has it all. Wethinks it may’ve been dreamed up by the same geniuses who write the Stefon SNL sketches, but who knows. Just watch, freak out and enjoy. ’s self-titled 3rd LP is out on 9/17.

Very intrigued to see how the follow-up to the massively polarizing Congratulations turns out (full disclosure: I was a huge fan).

From Stereogum:

Skeletons, a talking dolphin, a poker game, a crying rock, books by “Daryl Oates” and “John Hall,” an elderly man in tighty whities, an egg pyramid, Andrew VanWyngarden as Pinocchio, and Henry Winkler (I think) consoling a teenage soccer player are some of the non-sequitor scenes you’ll see in ’s video for “Your Life Is A Lie,” the first single from . And I’m barely giving anything away because director Tom Kuntz crams a ton of ideas into the two minute clip, which is also the year’s weirdest lyric video. It’s begging for the “10 Weirdest Gifs From ’s New Video” treatment….