A new website just popped up and is already taking the online Phish community by storm. Thanks to Jeff Lang’s PhishTracks, you now have a copy of every known Phish recording in easy-to-stream, clickable, show-by-show or song-by-song format available at your finger tips and on all iPhone/Android mobile devices. The entire catalog from 1983 to the present. Basically, however you’d want (and how often you’d want) your Phish served. It’s an impressive feat and one we can’t wait to dive into. To have juggernauts like 12/6/96 and 12/11/97, along with underrated shows like 5/8/93 and 7/2/94 on streaming standby is never a bad thing. Jeff sure hit a homerun with this one — beers are on us at The Gorge!

We’d also like to credit Hoydog23’s comprehensive Phish Spreadsheet, as the source material that Jeff apparently used for PhishTracks.

  • rachel molly

    Jeff is a huge gift to the Phish world. What a kind deed! Truly enjoying this amazing resource, especially from someone who is lazy with downloading and managing her own personal music collection. He should be lauded many times over.