CONCERT RECAP: The Meter Men with Page McConnell @ Royale Theatre, Boston, MA 10/30/12

Our correspondent Adam Goncalves sent in his report and a few phone snaps from The with in last night…

On the eve of and in the wake of the Frankenstorm, and The (comprising 75% of the original lineup of The Meters – nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2013) hit ’s for the first stop on their four night east-coast mini-tour. As the band walked on stage, McConnell was joined by , on Bass, on Drums, and on Guitar. From the first note of “Fire on the Bayou,” it was clear that the were ready to stage an old fashion Off-Bourbon New Orleans funk throwdown.

The crowd was clearly amped up for the return of The and loved the call and response interplay between band and audience on several first set songs including “Africa.” Being the night before , many fans in attendance were wearing fun and festive costumes, including a pair of female referees who were riding the rail.

The costumed pair were throwing out yellow penalty flags filled with candy and at one point in the night a flag was throw at Page (which he caught and put in his shirt pocket) for being too damn funky. The band loved it, and George Porter, Jr., announced the penalty to the audience like they do at football games.

After a short setbreak, during which almost the entire audience took a walk outside for some fresh air and a little mood enhancing The took the stage for the second set. Without missing a beat, the second set flowed straight into the funk and you could tell that the band members were having as much fun as the audience, if not more! Page played almost the entire evening with a smile on his face as he scanned the dancing crowd and picked up on the energy of the room.