ROUNDUP: What Five Bands Should Be Bigger Than They Are (Part One)

NPR Music posed a great question last week when they asked: What Bands Should be Bigger Than They Are and we immediately wanted to add more input to the discussion. The great thing about this concept is that everyone’s list of choices is going to be almost entirely different. The loose criteria is to include artists who’ve been around long enough to create a big impact, but for whatever reason, haven’t ever bubbled over to catch the attention they very much deserve. Those who read this blog have likely heard and/or seen many of these artists but ask Joe-Blow-on-the-street and chances are he can’t tell the from The Meters and therefore it is our hope to spread the word about a wide array of artists deserving of a a larger following.

We’ll be running this feature in chunks over the course of this week and featuring responses from more more LMB contributors, LMB CO, LMB NOLA and outside bloggers (including Funk It later this week) so make sure to loop back for more viewpoints!

Today we feature responses from Justin Ward and Wesley Hodges, two Co-Editors here on Live Music Blog.



How it took the 26 years and 18 albums to garner enough attention to crack the Billboard Top 200 is a mystery but these guys continue to press on, make new music, tour like mad men, turn heads of the uninitiated (which I admittedly was until 2010) and gain the adoration of music lovers worldwide. This year, the played 51 shows in 51 days in 51 states. In short, they are still out there doing their thing. Also, super fan Kurt Cobain once auditioned for the Melvins but didn’t make the cut. By the time I finally got to see the in 2010, I had attended the Bonnaroo Music Festival several times, but not until this set had I ever seen anything this heavy: