CONCERT RECAP: Lotus @ Buffalo Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY 9/21-9/22/12

returned to Buffalo for a 2-night run at the Town Ballroom, throwing down those trademark sexy ass instrumental post-rock and electronic dance grooves.

No matter what the venue, the energetic joy and catharsis of a show is an infectious feeling and an unforgettable experience. Yet again this month I was so fortunate to catch these professionals in action in an actual venue, a change of scenery from the festival grind they been crushing lately. By the end of this two night run I had seen 20 times in the past two and half years. Crazy you say? I see it as more of a periodic spiritual medicine refill. Whenever the chance arises I cannot help but get my butt to one of these classic, memorable, love-radiating performances.

@ , Buffalo, NY || Photo by Ross Citrin

With the release of ’s new self-titled album, the direction of the band is moving in a decidedly more electronic direction than their previous two releases – Hammerstrike (2008) and Oil on Glass/Feather on Wood (2009). In the new chapter analog synthesizers, manipulated sounds, dub effects and heavy bass are complemented by horn and string arrangements. Seeing these guys live is nearly identical to seeing a professional orchestra that accompanies a Broadway play. Every song tells a story and every note explores a feeling.


@ , Buffalo, NY || Photo by Ross Citrin


After night one it was hard to fathom how they could top such a unique, beautiful, special show. faithfuls sat around contemplating what we would hear the second night of this already spectacular experience. Before the show, we couldn’t help but make the drive 30 minutes to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of The World – Niagara Falls. It was here we enjoyed a day in preparation for night two.

came out strong, laying down a new funky oriented track “Middle Road,” an early opportunity for guitarist Michael Rempel to showcase his earthy, pragmatic, natural groove. Adding to the already crazy pairs of segues during this two night run, took a dark and suspenseful route playing a rare “Did Fatt > Lucid Awakening” pairing. The song segue went from Rempel’s dark, mysterious, clean Les Paul riff to birds and animals chirping – like morning time out on the farm. 

Another rare tune “Kesey Seed” was busted out for this Buffalo show, leaving a lot of faithfuls content and satisfied with its poignant, spiritual polarization.

All in all it was a fantastic couple nights in Buffalo. has taught me that a band that never disappoints is a band that will be around for a long time. A couple of nights filled with bongos, synthesizers, bird calls and good people. Looking forward to seeing these wonderful musicians New Years. Shout out to Rempel, Chuck, Luke, Jesse and Mike G. One love guys!