REVIEW / VIDEOS: Skrillex @ Outside Lands 2012

Continuing on with my recap and thoughts from the Skrillex at Outside Lands 2012…

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    I can say that I was not a Skrillex fan before sunday. I equate it to seeing anything or anyone that is at the top of their game, preform to their highest level in that moment. I danced harder to his set then I have in years, totally lost in the music oblivious of the shorter people behind me or the people who were less into it then I (but I think everyone was into it). When i tell people that I watched Skrillex instead of stevie w, they scoff, but I had a feeling he would put on something special for us and i was as far from disappointed as I was after my first blowjob. I was honestly sore for two days from dancing and i gave myself whiplash from the bass. Epic fun, that is what live music is all about.

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