WHO: Howlin’ Rain and Strange Vine
WHERE: Rickshaw Stop @ 155 Fell Street, San Francisco, CA
WHEN: August 17, 2012
HOW TO WIN: Leave a comment below with your favorite track from the new LP Russian Wilds for a chance to win a pair of tix to the show!

Bay Area psych rockers Howlin’ Rain will be playing the Rickshaw Stop after night one of Phish’s 3-night run at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. 2012 has been a big year for the power-quintet after releasing the critically-acclaimed (and certifiably glorious) new record Russian Wilds, an LP with a gargantuan sound produced by Rick Rubin. So if you can make the show, enter for a chance to win a pair of free tix!

  • Jeremy

    From Comets up through now I’ve always thought it’d be cool if Ethan did a straight soul record… the new LP’s “Can’t Satisfy Me Now” is about as close as I think I’ll ever get, so I’m gonna go with that one! Fingers crossed on those tickets!

  • Strange Thunder – haunting, creepy, really rocking at the end. Absolutely love it. These guys are amazing!!!

  • to pick just one track from Russian Wilds is so hard since i loveso many songs on this album. i think i am going to have to go with “Can’t satisfy me now”. the passion in this song is amazing.

  • Lance

    Phantoms in the Valley. From their album, but performed on a rooftop patio at Cheers Shot bar during SxSw. Amazing

  • Love them all but Phantoms In The Valley is my favorite…the lyrics really home hard from haunting personal experiences…and it’s just an epic track besides that. nothing else matters when it comes on…amazing work once again ;p

  • Tudor

    I actually like it when they play slower tunes, really shows what talented musicians they are and Ethan’s voice really shines with them. So I’ve been playing Cherokee Werewolf a lot, plus it’s a great road trip tune or late night song.

  • Nixonesque

    If you’ve never actually seen Phantoms in the Valley, listening is as close as you’ll ever get!