Continuing on with our Sonic Bloom coverage…

Having been involved in Colorado music for more than a few years now, I find myself completely shocked that I had never made it to Sonic Bloom until this year. This festival has established itself as a beautiful, not-to-be-missed event that will remain a driving force in Colorado’s exploding music scene for years to come and I will hopefully be able to be there through it all. Special thanks to Ami and Rebecca at Tsunami Publicity for allowing us to cover this years event and stay tuned for some videos and interviews from our experience on the ranch!

Sonic Bloom 2012 Photo Gallery

  • http://www.facebook.com/glitchsta Matthew Howard

    I believe Android Jones did the live visuals for Tipper, same thing he does with phadroid…it was insane…unbelievable really!

  • Thatdudewiththespinninglights

    Tipper was untouchable. No excuses for Pantyraid, I talked to Ooh Aah and apparently they had no equipment malfunctions…so I guess they just like killing the momentum of their set periodically. I have to say that was one of the worst DJ sets I’ve ever seen. Anywhere. DJs should drink less alcohol before sets…coughilleshacough.

  • jambandssuck

    sorry, but Griz’s sound is NOT original. In fact, all he does is try to sound like other producers. I have very little faith in any rise to the top.