While our trusty friends from Hidden Track were all over this a week or so ago, Phish made the news official last night during their second webcast from Portsmouth, VA: The band will release an audio box set of their two shows that were played at UIC Pavilion in Chicago during the year 1994. The six-disc set is due out on July 31st, and we’ve got a few MP3 samples from the set that are mastered with Fred Kevorkian’s magic touch…

The first show Phish is featuring from the set was their June 18th show at UIC Pavilion after stopping by the Danny Bonaduce show at the Loop 97.9 Studios. Check out the “Divided Sky” below…

Phish – “Divided Sky” (Chicago ’94) [MP3]

The band then returned to the city in November to play the night after Thanksgiving; the show opened up with a scorching “Llama” which you can hear below:

Phish – “Llama” (Chicago ’94) [MP3]

There are a few bundles available for pre-order on this and the artwork for the set was done by Pollock; head over to Phish Dry Goods to see the packages.

While the set doesn’t come out for another month and we won’t have it for another week or so (at the earliest), we’re going to feature a giveaway here on Live Music Blog for the Chicago ’94 release.

If you’d like a FREE copy of the Chicago ’94 release shipped straight to your front door courtesy of our friends at Phish and JEMP Records, just drop a comment below and tell us your favorite thing about Chicago and/or a favorite memory about seeing Phish specifically in Chicago. You can say “pizza” as your answer, but that’s boring as hell. Make sure you have a “valid” email address as part of your comment submission so I can get in touch with you if you’re randomly selected to win the prize…. the winner will be notified in a week!

  • Robert


  • dave

    green river, hot dogs, and food-induced stomach-aches

  • ron

    Chicago is my kind of town, Love the bean!

  • Michael Sportelli

    I was born in chicago! my favorite phish show memory was when halfway through a set in Atlantic City, i turned into a wolf

  • T.J.

    Love the Pitchfork Music Festival in Union Park!

  • Matt

    Have never seen Phish in Chicago but spent my honeymoon there 10 years ago (as of August 10th). Lots of Cubs games, Lake Shore Drive, pizza, Morton’s, and sexy time with the wife. Got a call from my buddy on the ride to the airport heading home that Phish hiatus was ending. Pretty good week I had in Chicago back then.

  • Suhail Ahmad

    *sigh* going to have to say ‘pizza’. Would like the box set though.

  • Jay Flaherty

    Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL – had to park under a brifge under construction. Unbeknown to me there werwe birds nesting in the bridge supports. After the show, I walk up to my car and discover it covered bumper to bumper with bird shit and feathers. Could barely see the paint color. I had to drive this car with my head sticking out the side window crawling in traffic and passing in front of the venue. Everyone laughing and pointing and hooting.

    They opened up the second set with Birds of a Feather that night.

  • A. GMan

    The reflective BEAN.

  • pizza with anchovies.

  • Patrick

    Wrigley Field

  • josh

    9-23-00 – MEATSTICKALOPE! Greatest phish show moment ever! The crowd started singing Meatstick with the band.. The band eventually getting quieter and quieter until it was just the crowd singing Meatstick. Then Trey busts into Antelope while the crowd is still singing Meatstick, but he’s still teasing Meatstick. It was an amazing show and a great day to be a Phish phan.

    As for that, nothing other than hotdogs are worth wild in Chicago… Twisted Spoke is pretty cool too.


  • 2 straight Halloween’s with God Street Wine at the House of Blues in Chicago. Also spent a new years and hung over new years day. Saw swingers in the theatre with 12 other folks and lots of beer,


  • long time reader, first time poster.
    8/16/11 waves > Undermind!

  • Ocelot

    UIC 8-15-11-8-17-11

    The first time I ever went to Chicago was for Phish. I discovered my favorite city in the world that run and have been back many times since my favorite Phish memory there besides a ragin show that included dinner and a movie but also I didn’t have a ticket last summer I came to lot early and looked all day my then boyfriend had a ticket and it wa almost time to go in I told him not to worry and to go on in it’s like 10 mintues before show time …. I figured hey at least of us won’t miss it. All of a sudden as I’m walking down past the box office this kid appears holding a ticket in his hand ptbm and alll I scooped it up for face !! Ran straight to my man in line hollerin and brandishing it that night we had a great show I raged from dinner and a movie all the way to rocky top that’s the closest I’ve ever come to not getting in a show and walking around searching for it was worth every mintue I will never forget the amazing sets we got that run and how hard I danced. I did the whole tour last year and UIC was one of the best times I had all summer I also found a city a truly love and dream of some day living it it’s amazing the things I’ve found and places I’ve been just because of my love of Phish. I also brought a beautiful glass bead that night after the show I love it dearly and wear it on my necklace almost everyday it reminds me of the amazing miracle of finding that ticket and have since framed the ptbm with my others and that wonderful Chicago poster

  • kevin

    never saw phish in chicago but adore the 6/18/94 show. Also the jesus left chicago from slip,stitch and pass was one of my first phish songs i heard.

  • Gumbo

    The best thing about Chicago is the summer time! Street fests/concerts every weekend with hot girls, good food and great music.

    I saw them one of the nights at UIC last summer and it was a very fun show. I love it when bands come to Chicago and play 2 or 3 nights. One of my fav shows though was close to Chicago at Alpine Valley in 2010. I somehow scored 8th row center tickets from the Phish lottery and had a blast. Can’t wait for Alpine Valley next weekend!

  • Big Bri

    I got into Phish in 99, and my first show was 9/22/2000. At the time my absolute favorite song was DwD, and sure enough, the boys opened my first show with it. That first live experience got me “hooked on phish”, and i’ll be seeing shows 37-40 at DC>Alpine.

    • That was my 2nd show…. and that Disease opener is smoking.

  • Aaron Fortin

    Nice giveaway! Best thing about Chicago has to be Wrigley Field. Maybe someday we’ll get a Phish show there!