While our trusty friends from Hidden Track were all over this a week or so ago, Phish made the news official last night during their second webcast from Portsmouth, VA: The band will release an audio box set of their two shows that were played at UIC Pavilion in Chicago during the year 1994. The six-disc set is due out on July 31st, and we’ve got a few MP3 samples from the set that are mastered with Fred Kevorkian’s magic touch…

The first show Phish is featuring from the set was their June 18th show at UIC Pavilion after stopping by the Danny Bonaduce show at the Loop 97.9 Studios. Check out the “Divided Sky” below…

Phish – “Divided Sky” (Chicago ’94) [MP3]

The band then returned to the city in November to play the night after Thanksgiving; the show opened up with a scorching “Llama” which you can hear below:

Phish – “Llama” (Chicago ’94) [MP3]

There are a few bundles available for pre-order on this and the artwork for the set was done by Pollock; head over to Phish Dry Goods to see the packages.

While the set doesn’t come out for another month and we won’t have it for another week or so (at the earliest), we’re going to feature a giveaway here on Live Music Blog for the Chicago ’94 release.

If you’d like a FREE copy of the Chicago ’94 release shipped straight to your front door courtesy of our friends at Phish and JEMP Records, just drop a comment below and tell us your favorite thing about Chicago and/or a favorite memory about seeing Phish specifically in Chicago. You can say “pizza” as your answer, but that’s boring as hell. Make sure you have a “valid” email address as part of your comment submission so I can get in touch with you if you’re randomly selected to win the prize…. the winner will be notified in a week!

  • My favorite memory of seeing PHiSH in Chicago (Rosemont) 9-22-00, my seat being directly next to the stage @ eye-level (Trey side). It was my first time inside a show, and they played YEM. During the vocal jam, I was in the perfect location to see the lights spin ’round and ’round…I was blown away. My favorite quote from a paper I wrote about that experience was, “The wooden support beams that ran across the ceiling, plucked like guitar strings to the rhythm of my heart beat.” I will NEVER forget that show, and what PHiSH did in that very night, to change my entire perspective of the world that surrounds me. Thank you PHiSH.

    David M. Phillips
    3771 Ashley Oaks Dr.
    Lafayette, IN, 47905

  • Nick

    Phish is pretty pretty good

  • Joseph

    When I think of Chicago I think of how bluesy it is? Great blues clubs. A Phish kind of town! Rock on!

  • The best part about Chicago? Downtown-all of it. Love that area for some reason. Get excited every time i have to go into town. Love the music, the food, the night life-all of it. Saw my first GSW show there too

  • tom

    there is nothing like going to the sears tower after a phish show in 94′ to celebrate and get the best possible pizza in the world, much better than any NY pizza hands down. Last year I did another chicago run and saw Millenium park and it was epic to say the least. Phish plays shows next to amazing places like Watkins Glen last year next to the Gorges

  • BigT

    Laughing my ass off while two very, extremely uptight security guards at the venue attempted to address every puff of smoke in our section. It was like ‘whack-a-mole’, only with phish heads. We still laugh about it to this day.

  • 94 is probably one of my favorite years for phish! I used to live close to Chicago and have been there many many times. One thing that stands out is the hotdogs! :)

  • stems

    Never saw Phish in Chicago, but my favorite thing about the city was probably the invention of house music.

    That, or pizza with the sauce on top, but you said that was boring.

  • 3po1nt0

    i’ve only driven though chicago (summer tour 99 from alpine > deer creek or maybe on the way to alpine, can’t recall) but my favorite thing about the city are the many friends who live there. i hope to spend some time there in the coming years, it’s the #1 city in this country i need to visit. have heard great things about the food and downtown. cool giveaway…

  • Morgan Fitzgibbons

    I can haz phish discs? The best thing about Chicago is all the middle class Midwestern white people who move there after college and wear the same things. That and the suburbs.

  • Rich

    My first phish show was in Big Cypress Florida for New Years Eve in 2000. “Don’t walk in the swamp.”

  • michael

    Chicago: lovely midwest women and great food/beer… not to mention midwest mentality in a big city, which doesn’t equate to big city feel.

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