VIDEO: Skrillex @ Bonnaroo 2012

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Skrillex played the late-night slow on the Which Stage at Bonnaroo last night…

The EDM producer’s console was built into a stage that resembled a starfighter. The crowd surged as he played, jumping and waving their hands, as animated videos flashed on a giant screen behind him and four giant plumes of smoke intermittently shot from the stage. [USA Today]

Check out some of the videos that have surfaced so far:

  • Andromuhdah

    love skrillex, but bass beats with strobe lights give me siezures. cant do it live, lol

    • Sjds51

      It’s the pulse rate of the strobe, not the bass. Happened to me back in the 60’s playing in a talent show at a VA hospital. We turned on the strobe…..well you know what happened.

  • Chriswkelley74

    I think we can all agree that my video was the best of the ones featured……

    • Justin Ward


    • Konway Tweety


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