VIDEO: Shit Phish Phans Say

HAH! So legit. Good work by @PhanArt Pete Mason on this and the others that I wasn’t familiar with…

Shit Phish Phans Say: Credits

Directed by: Jen Morgan and Pete Mason
Filmed & Edited: Jen Morgan
Produced by: Pete Mason

Kyle E.
Chris De Cotis
Erika Fallon
Pete Mason

and featuring:

Written by Pete Mason and the following fans on Facebook and Twitter:

Damien Palanza, Jaq Tothephuture, Robyn Stein, Kelli Konz O’Brien,, Stevie Klaus, Mike Perry, Derick Greiner,
Scott Williams, Andrew King, Andrew Simon, Patrick Keenan, Joanna Prewett-Sanders, Steve Kucinsky, Julius Tweezer, Karen Sweeney, Joe Brumfield, Joe Brumfield, Yosh Katz, Beverly Schwartz, Sarah Vance, Mike Brown, Maria DiChiappari, Lou Carta, Amy Pedatella, George Houghton, Scott Woodall, Brennan Smith, Davisson A Benson, Brad Tenem, Tim Joseph, Jake Huffman, David Paul Kleinman, Susan Rice, Danielle Polly, Courtney Davis, Lisa Holder, Karl Schmidt, Brian Gluck, and Tela Phishman.

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Phish, please play Lushington and Alumni Blues

This movie was filmed with a great deal of help from alot of people. Thank you to all those involved, especially the cast and crew who braved post-daylight-savings-time sleep-withdrawal to film this bit. It was well worth it.

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