AEG’s “Fair AXS” Ticketing to Include Lottery System

– the world’s second largest presenter of live music and entertainment events after Live Nation — has announced that they will include a lottery system in their new “Fair operation. The goal of the lottery is to help deal with the increasingly maddening problem of bots making it difficult for fans to get tickets during high-volume ticket onsales. has all the info:

Under the proposed “Fair system, those seeking to buy tickets to events would sign up for a reservation spot rather than battle against thousands of other ticket seekers when the seats go on sale. During the week leading up to the official on sale date, consumers would fill out their information in Fair and provide a credit card number, then choose up to three sections of the venue they would like to purchase tickets in. If the demand for a section is greater than the number of available tickets for a particular event, Fair will create a lottery system for distributing tickets.

Although the new venture hasn’t even launched yet, it’s interesting to see already trying to set itself apart from the Live Nation/ behemoth. Although lottery systems aren’t necessarily perfect (as most fans already know), they at least do a decent job of getting tickets into the hands of fans rather than “secondary” services and scalpers.

  • Bret Berman

    While I applaud AEG for trying, and love the TicketHorse FlashSeat system in Colorado, nothing short of government legislation and enforcement is going to prevent tickets from being scalped. Plenty of Phish lottery tickets end up on eBay/Craigslist…

    Now, if Phish and other artists started cross-referencing lottery orders with mailing list email addresses or merchandise purchases and credit cards, that would help a ton!