CBGBs Festival in the Works?

Earlier today, I posted a quick round-up of NYC area venue news, including rumors of the return of CBGBs. But it appears that was only half the story. According to Bowery Boogie, there are solid rumors of a CBGBs summer festival that’s in the works for July 3-7, 2012 (complete w/ what appears to be a festival poster promo image…included above).

Whether this is just the rumor mill churning out another doozy or the real deal, it’s a pretty interesting concept, and something we’ll be keeping our eyes/ears on this spring.

WHITperson -- aka Marc Whitman or simply "Whit" -- is a long-time LMB contributor known for his in-depth posting style and his knack for crafting interesting podcasts. Whit currently resides in Brooklyn, where he's building up his web development chops and hoping to put his technical skills towards something interesting in the music world. Follow his updates over at whitperson.com and on twitter @whitperson.
  • bones boy

    Aaaah, CBGBs, where I had my third concussion. Or was it my 4th? Mmmm, memories! I think.

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    I live in NY and i want to see this festival.