PARTY TIME: The Budos Band Pub Crawl in SF This Saturday

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Even though I’m booked for the night already with The Autumnal Gathering event for the Black Rock Arts Foundation, a ton of my friends are heading to the other side of town to catch The Budos Band play at the Mezzanine. While this band playing here in San Francisco on Saturday night is usually not much of a big deal, this event in and of itself has become something to talk about on Twitter. Why is that, you ask? Well, the boys in the band actually seemed to put a challenge to their fans in SF to see who can pub crawl with the best of them.

It all started with a hashtag, folks.

If you want in on the action, start tweeting at them with #BudosSFbarcrawl and get in on that free ticket if you can match them shot for shot. They’re not worried at all about you keeping up with them, that’s for sure…

Dude, that’s like, right around the corner from my place!

For me, the best part was logging onto Twitter and seeing a few members of the LMB crew getting in on the action and making sure the band feels welcome. Kudos to @PeteLikesMusic and @cassadie for the epic suggestions (LULZ at Trad’r Sam’s)…

So our crew has their interest piqued, which could even mean we see tweet updates as this epic bar crawl occurs on Saturday ahead of the band’s show at the Mezzanine. Ahead of Saturday’s debauchery, check out this video clip from last year in Austin when they played the Mohawk. There’s a certain energy to the band that seems to imply they served themselves one too many backstage during setbreak. Maybe it gives you a sense of what you’re getting yourself into with these guys this weekend should you accept the challenge…

  • Guest to LMB

    Hey, this band playing in SF is a big deal!  These guys don’t tour all that much, since its hard to line up schedules with a large collective that has day jobs.  

    Saturday will rage!

    • Justin Ward

      That is indeed a good point; maybe I’m just spoiled because I pay attention to them so much.