Black Sabbath to announce reunion on 11/11/11

Boing Boing is reporting that Black Sabbath will be announcing their reunion this Friday at Whiskey A Go Go in LA, the spot of the band’s first performance over 40 years ago. That’s wild as hell. Sure enough, if you stop by their website you’re greeted with the image above definitely signifying that we’re getting a big news release on November 11th.

I’m calling it right now: Coachella 2012. Ozzy!

Stay tuned to the site if they release a set of tour dates and announcements for where you can see the dark lords next year across the states in corporate amphitheaters named after wireless companies.

Update: it’s official.

  • andrew hoare

    please tell me if I’m mistaken  but black sabbath are a british band from birmingham surely there first performance was in birmingham not in LA

    • ozzy1399

      It was the Band’s 1st performance in L.A. opening for Alice Cooper.  You are correct that they are in fact from Aston, a suburb of Birmingham.