Daily Roundup

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  • Daily Roundup http://t.co/7123xrBL #
  • If you missed this 20+ minute video @boingboing compiled on @mymorningjacket, check it out: http://t.co/KRMez0tQ (whitperson) #
  • Anyone hitting this @MarcoBenevento show tonight, chances are high for a Sir Joe Russo sit-in and we want the deets when they come in. HOLLA #
  • Bobby "Bobzilla" Vega just turned on the funk machine at bklyn bowl. #kimock amp;friends #
  • After some deep funk&blues, now something lighter: ice cream factory. w/ Morgan and co joining for long rhythmic intro. #
  • By the way folks, some tweet issues started our night but our very own @WHITperson is at @brooklynbowl tonight for Kimock. Tweets a' comin'! #
  • Ice cream factory just took a dramatic shift. New key, Latin rhythms and sax solo. Sounding great. #energy #kimock&friends #
  • Steve busted out the ebow for some searing lead lines. Darker groove now. Ebow now on my Xmas list #kimock amp;friends #
  • Bernie Worrell is def the wild card in the lineup. Dropping some keyboard wizardry on this tune. #kimock amp;friends #
  • Now "baby baby"…so it's time for some blues riffage. Fun fact: this is an instrumental rework of an Aretha Franklin tune. #kimock amp;friends #
  • Bobby Vega laying it down on the Fender bass. Good to have him back w/ Steve to keep things funky. #kimock amp;friends http://t.co/LsNLgZiA #
  • Holy funk. Bernie Worrell is stepping this shit up. With he and Bobby laying it down, this is like a 70s porn soundtrack. #kimock amp;friends #
  • Set ii begins.  #kimock amp;friends http://t.co/Wgy0CiQz #
  • Bringing it down with a little Island Soul. "so many rivers to cross" . Wow. #kimock amp;friends #
  • "hillbillies" absolutely killing it. Bobby Vega just put on a bass clinic. Steve now ripping. #kimock amp;friends #
  • "Use me up" encore with Trevor and Morgan. Serious cello slappage. Great voice. Damn, can't go wrong w/ Bill Withers #