TUNES: Hear that Pink Floyd sample on the new DJ Shadow record?

Maybe it’s just one of the cosmic moments that I’ve finally cracked into my new copy of the DJ Shadow record, The Less You Know The Better, and only now finally get to the song “I’ve Been Trying” on the cusp of the end of Pink Floyd Week…

Or maybe it’s just random that he’s perfectly mixed in some of the “Wish You Were Here” classic into a soulful groove. I think I hear some Steely Dan in there, too…

  • Cinja

    definitly not wish you were here, it’s a replay of gabor szabo

  • Capricancerous

    He’s right, it is a sample of Gabor Szabo’s song, “If You Don’t Want My Love.” It was written by Bobby Womack on their collaboration album “High Contrast.” That main acoustic line does sound a bit like Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” though. I’m stilly trying to discern whether I keep hearing the flute solo in King Crimson’s “I Talk To The Wind” in the song, or if it’s just so superbly ethereal that it is reminiscent of it. That makes two keen comparisons to two of Progressive Rock’s greatest musicians either way.

  • Capricancerous

    “still* trying”