Braving a ton of rain and less-than-ideal lightning conditions at the venue, our friend Derek McCabe went and shot the Grace Potter & the Nocturnals show last night at Electric Factory in Philly. His reputation proceeded him enough to let the tour manager convince him to shoot the entire show, thus bringing back a seriously stellar set of Potter and all of her band mates rocking through an excellent show. These photos show what she’s capable of, that’s for sure…

Read on for his full photoset.

Here’s the setlist via The Rock Show:

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals @ The Electric Factory, Philly 9/23/11

Stop the Bus
Hot Summer Night
Goodbye Kiss
One Short Night
Low Road
Tiny Light
White Rabbit [Jefferson Airplane cover]
Nothing But the Water I
Nothing But the Water II
Paris (Ooh La La)
Ah Mary
Tush [ZZ Top cover]

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  • Steve Forster

    I’m not a big fan of GP but these photos make her look worth seeing, uh hearing. Good stuff.

    • “I’m not a big fan of GP but these photos make her look worth seeing, uh hearing. Good stuff.”

      So true. :)

  • Liiks so good i wish i was there… Panties on here guitar head,  yumyum

  • patches

    Some really great shots here, Thanks

  • Donnie K

    Damn, this is what concert photography should look like.  Saw this on stumbled on, and it’s great.  Are these available printed anywhere?

  • GerriJarcia

    the GracePotter pix came out real sweet.  The colors are rich and deep. Good rock n’roll compositions, too.

  • Jack

    I’d love to see more of Mr McCabe’s work!  Any suggestions?

  • gator_wine

    Beautiful shots!  Give this photographer open access to her future shows, PLEASE!

  • Sunra

    Great shots,excellent composition.I’d like to see alot more.

  • Haynesd1

    Great photos!! Would love to see what he could do at future events

  • Jconmy3

    Wow!  Those pictures capture the music.

  • Mhibbs

    Man, Grace is hot. Very nice photos.

  • Buddah333

    hey bro i met you at the show the other night, thanks for the info on my shutter speed . it was  a big help. you are an awesome phtographer. look foward to seeing you at further  thanx dave buddah!

    • Buddah333

      will you be shooting more grace shows in the future? if so please contact me via email……buddah

  • Stretchjn

    These are really sweet concert photos.  They capture her energy well.   I’d like to see more.

  • Mpalmer852

    Great looking photo’s. I’ve heard some of her stuff but never seen her before. This looks like something I am going to have to check out.

  • The more i look the more i wanna see. Seems like  Derek McCabe knows how to capture beauty in a surreal timelock… I’ve seen some of his portfolio on line before, and it seems what you get from his photos is portrayed with class and passion…From skank to lucious queen is all in the style of the artist. Only then in the eye of the beholder :0)

  • schlubens

    great pics derek!

  • poc

    really sweet pics!!

  • 100rrr

    Thank you Derek McCabe. Great Photos.

  • brian

    Excellent shoot in what sounds like less than ideal conditions.