I’m finally sitting back at my desk in SF and I’m getting my first official re-listen of the first night that Phish played UIC Pavilion this past Monday. A week ago at this time I was packing up and getting ready for a 6am flight the next day to see Phish in Chicago, and as many have reported it was definitely an insanely strong show and almost felt like a completely different band than what fans were seeing on the West Coast. This was one of the highlights from the first night, the official LivePhish.com HD video of “Undermind.” Highly recommend that you download this show.


  • nice, another great example of “when Mike leads the improv, the band wins.” Said it before, saying it again, and well, I’ll just keep on saying it. He got a nice assist from Fish on this one though…love how they dig in right after the main song structure ends. 

    also, wow. I was not expecting that “blissful” outro at all. that’s just f-ing beautiful.

    • Glad you liked the jam, brah. It was epic seeing it live.